Our activities


Our dedication to the production of products mainly made of chestnut and pine wood means that each of our items is stamped with a seal of unmatched quality and nobility. The company participates in the entire raw material transformation process, from its arrival from the Galician and Asturian forests, mostly, to its output as fully manufactured products.

In the transformation of wood, several departments of the company intervene in a sophisticated production line in which the latest technologies are used, from the sawing and first transformation of the wood, to the varnishing and final finishing of each of the products.

Embalajes de madera


Exfopino takes care of the raw materials with which it makes its range. To achieve this, it has forestry operations in which the sustainable management of forests is compatible with the activity of the timber industry. The R&D&i department has created solid laminated chestnut wood, a product in which our work philosophy is materialized: development, innovation and sustainable management.

To make this article, the leftover remains of the trees are used and they are converted into a product of extraordinary quality, resistance and performance. In our company we commit every day to research to continue optimizing natural resources and satisfy the needs of our clients.


At Exfopino we are proud of the quality of our products but we are even more proud of the professionalism of our human team. Thanks to it, we make a difference with respect to other companies in the sector, because we offer our clients personalized treatment adapted to each case, with practical and effective solutions in chestnut wood.

For this, our team, made up of 15 professionals with extensive experience, works every day with the utmost enthusiasm and dedication to satisfy all the demands that you make of us.